About Us


Based in Des Moines, Iowa, The Rasmussen Group represents twelve multi-faceted design-build heavy construction companies. With a group of companies that specialize in bridge construction, marine contracts, concrete and asphalt supply, paving, heavy hauling, dump trucks, crane operations and fabricating steel, the Rasmussen Group can provide excellent complete customer service with one phone call.


Run by the fourth generation of the Jensen family, our values and commitment have not changed since 1912. We treat our employees fairly and believe in giving back to the community that has supported us for over a hundred years. Our personal relationship with our clients is still the most important part of our business.

Financially Stable

Our strong financial standing has endured through a hundred years of economic changes. The relationships we have built and the quality employees we have sustained throughout the years are a testament to our fortitude.


Our companies have the experience and the knowledge for design-build projects. We make the impossible possible and your vision into a reality.