About us: Grimes Asphalt & Paving

Diversity of Asphalt Paving Projects

Grimes Asphalt and Paving is able to service the DOT, City, Municipal, Residential, and Commercial industries. With our skilled asphalt paving team, we look forward to tackling your design-build projects.

Quality Control Assurance

From the beginning when we initially walk the site location with the client, to the end when your project is successfully completed we provide our guarantee that your job is going to be done right the first time. Our experience in-house in regards to permits, quality control of engineering and water drainage, ensures that your project will be properly taken care of. Your job will be scheduled in a timely manner and we will work with your business so that it can stay open during asphalt paving.


Asphalt is 100%recyclable. We use recycled asphalt in our mixes and produce zero waste from our plants. Asphalt has the capability to flex in our climate to accommodate for freezing and thawing, which will increase the life of the pavement.  We will keep you on schedule despite the weather with our Soil Stabilization techniques.