Excellence in Concrete Awards Presented by:


Category: Public Works Structures

Job: 78th Ave and Upper Spillway Gorge Repairs, Johnston, Iowa

Awarded to: Concrete Supply

Description of Job: The first ever roller compacted concrete job in Iowa turned into a battle against the elements-rain and flooding. The RCC job below the Saylorville emergency spillway was slated to begin May 1. Production didn’t begin until June 29 and when it did begin, 3,600 CY of concrete were produced in two days, running 24/7 to complete the initial phases before Saylorville Reservoir flowed over the emergency spillway 24 hours later. It was a true team effort to race against the rising reservoir and produce and place the RCC to prevent further erosion in the gorge and roadway. For 7 days the flood waters flowed over the new RCC. When it receded, there was alittle to no deterioration of the material. The project was delayed more by rain and wet conditions. In the end, 26,000 CY of concrete were produced with the last of the RCC produced one day before Thanksgiving on a project that was supposed to last 45 days.

Category: Recreational Trails and Paths

Job: Madrid Bridge and Recreational Trail, Madrid, Iowa

Awarded to: Concrete Supply

Description of Job: The high trestle bridge project was a challenging job with difficult access points getting to the site and lengthy back-ups, down a narrow bridge, 130 feet above the Des Moines River. The half-mile long bridge deck was delayed due to flooding in 2010. The access below the bridge deck was cut off because of high water. The contractor had to back-up 8 foot wide trucks over a deck that was just more than 10-feet wide! The end of this project was to pour a 2-mile bike trail, 1-mile on each  end of the bridge. The drives safely backed up over 200 loads of concrete to complete the trail.