Mike Yonker

General Manager – Grimes Asphalt and Paving

Mike Yonker is the General Manager of Grimes Asphalt and Paving.  Mike started working for Grimes Asphalt and Paving while still in high school.  Throughout the years he’s worked his way up performing many different tasks within the company.  Mike oversees all aspects of the company’s day to day operations, from estimating and bidding to plant and field efficiencies.  Mike grew up in the asphalt industry, leading the company founded by his father.  Under Mike’s leadership Grimes Asphalt and Paving has developed into one of Central Iowa’s premier asphalt paving contractors.  With his vast knowledge of paving techniques, asphalt mixes, and understanding the importance of quality personnel, he knows what it takes to get the job done.  He’s played a pivotal role in implementing green technology into new asphalt mixes.  Grimes Asphalt and Paving is in great position for growth well into the 21st Century.