Asphalt Producer/IDOT Certified/Plant Pick Up

Our Plant is Located at 2118 NE 51st Place in Des Moines, Iowa
Dispatch – (515) 986-4055



Grimes Asphalt and Paving produces asphalt materials for our own paving operation as well as other contractors, and state, county, and city public works customers. Producing the asphalt paving material enables us to better serve our customers with a quality-controlled paving product.

We design and provide a variety of specific-purpose mixes to our customers: SuperPave-based paving mixes, high performance cold mixes, porous asphalt (drainable pavement), crushed recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), treated recycled asphalt pavement (TRAP), special recreational trail mixes, athletic mixes, and interstate mixes, just to name a few.


Our production of asphalt paving materials is tested and monitored by our own Iowa Department of Transportation-certified employees and laboratory equipped with the latest in asphalt testing technology. All the materials used in the production of the HMA are sampled and tested in accordance with Iowa Department of Transportation Specifications (IDOT). During production and placement of the HMA, density samples are taken and tested in our laboratory to ensure the quality of our product, according to our quality control program. The sampling and testing is performed by IDOT-certified lab technicians. Many of the samples are taken to an independent laboratory to further verify our results. During placement of the HMA, a density machine is used to monitor compaction and to aid in achieving the desired density.


Customers must have a credit application on file or pay cash upon picking up their order at our plant. Click Here to download our credit application document, which contains instructions for completing and returning the form. If you are uncertain whether your company has a credit application on file, please contact our credit manager at (515) 266-5173. We are also now accepting major credit cards: