Recreational and Specialty


Grimes Asphalt and Paving works hard so people of all ages can play hard. With an emphasis on deploying value-engineering techniques that maximize project deliverables, our recreational paving solutions for developers, general contractors, and the public sector agencies include:

  • Basketball and tennis courts
  • Pedestrian and cycling paths
  • Public access/pedestrian walkways surrounding athletic fields and stadiums


Waukee Track


In keeping with its commitment to staying on the cutting edge of technological advances in the paving industry, Grimes Asphalt and Paving was the first to install porous asphalt in a parking lot in Iowa. Porous asphalt allows rain to move through the asphalt and into a rock layer placed below the pavement. From there, the stormwater slowly drains into the soil below, thereby replenishing groundwater and stopping pollutants from reaching navigable waters.


StreetPrint™ decorative paving is a color-and-design surfacing treatment used to enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of roads and walkways, recreational areas, and business establishments. Using a stencil, asphalt can be colored and imprinted with designs such as bricks laid in a circular or herringbone pattern. As one of five Iowa-authorized distributors of StreetPrint™, Grimes Asphalt and Paving  has incorporated gilsonite into the finished product to ensure the strength and lasting beauty of the surface. Grimes Asphalt Paving has been a StreetPrint™ applicator since 1997, and we also offer Duratherm, which is an inlaid thermoplastic pavement system as well.

Soccer Complex