Projects by Region:
Des Moines, Iowa

100th St. Culvert Extensions

Contract: $2,053,655
Bridge repair with steel girder replacement
Ankeny, Iowa

36th St. Bridge Widening

Contract: $2,043,622
15' South widening and 27' North widening
Des Moines, Iowa

54th Ave Bridge Replacement

Contract: $6,982,870
Long bridge spans, falsework towers and multi-crane lifts
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Bohac Ravine

Contract: $60 Million
8 bridges in 4 years
Des Moines, Iowa

Grand View University Pedestrian Bridge

Contract: $878,697
Used a Value Engineering Proposal to change bridge design
Grimes, Iowa

Grimes Concrete Box Culvert

5 concrete box culverts and numerous retaining walls
Sallisaw, Oklahoma

Highway 59/Arkansas River

Contract: $28.4 Million
Drill shafts 86’ below the water’s surface
Augusta, Arkansas

Hwy 64 Over White River

Contract: $17,629,515
28 piers for this 3155' bridge
West Fork, Arkansas

Hwy 71 Over Hess Creek

Contract: $11,530,555
6 piers ranging from 30ft-211ft tall
Des Moines, Iowa

Interstate 235 Project

Contract: $85 Million
7-year project includes 18 bridges
Dallas County, Texas

Lake Lewisville Toll Bridge

Contract: $92.9 Million
1.7 Mile Bridge crosses Lake Dallas, Texas
Horatio, Arkansas

Little River and Sevier Counties

Contract: $13,960,000
Removal and replacement of bridge
Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock Dam Bridge

Contract: $11,431,000
Pedestrian Bridge connecting 15 miles of recreational trails
Fulton, Arkansas

Miller and Hempstead Counties, Arkansas

Contract: $37,200,000
Destruction and construction of 2 bridges
Clarendon, Arkansas

Monroe County, Arkansas

Contract: $31,400,000
3 river piers built inside deep cofferdams
Sterlington, Louisiana

Ouachita River

Contract: $37.2 million
Bridge crossing the Ouchita River in Louisiana
Columbia, Louisiana

Ouachita River (Columbia)

Contract: $47.7 Million
Deepest drill shafts in Louisiana at time of project
Randolph County, Arkansas

Pocahontas, Arkansas

Contract: $10,142,000
Construction of 1,271' bridge
Alexandria, Louisiana

Rapides Parish, Louisiana

Contract: $82,860,000
Two extraordinary, large and complex cofferdams were built
Rogers County, Oklahoma

Rogers County, Oklahoma

Contract: $14,700,000
Replacement of a 870' bridge
Salina, Oklahoma

State Hwy 20 over Lake Hudson

Contract: $6,674,000
22 drill shafts and 11 piers
Shawnee County, Kansas

Topeka, Kansas

Contract: $11,470,000
Construction of 1760' with 10 piers
Steamboat, Iowa

U.S. Hwy 20

Contract: $20,000,000
Twin bridges spanning 1,630'
Wagoner County, Oklahoma

Wagoner County

Contract: $16,890,000
Removal of truss span bridge and construction of new bridge
Greenville, Mississippi

Washington County, Mississippi

Contract: $50,949,500
Crossing the Mississippi River