Our inventory is unmatched in availability for replacements parts for decanter centrifuge gearboxes. Our parts are made with the highest quality forgings and materials for increased durability. We engineer our parts for easier maintenance as well as to be compatible with OEM parts. To see of all our products, please click here to be redirected to Rev Tech’s official product website.

Our experienced and skilled technicians will make the necessary repairs or modifications required in a timely fashion to a specific gearbox. Custom solutions are available for specific requirements.

Rev Tech possesses the knowledge and resources to restore gearboxes to OEM specifications. The first step is to dissemble the gearbox and inspect it – at this stage we detect why the gearbox has failed or if there are signs of abnormal wear.

The diagnoses will be noted along with repair estimate and made knows to the customer in either verbal or written reports. Each piece of the gearbox will then be measured and compared to new equipment tolerances.

Bearing fits are checked against bearing manufacturers tolerances and pin measurements are taken on gear teeth. If any component cannot be repaired it will be substituted for a replacement part.