What We Do

A lot goes into moving an oversize load. It's important to find the right equipment, the right driver and pilot cars and the right route to ensure a safe delivery.  We have been delivering heavy and oversize loads safely since 1967.  Our driver tenure is in excess of 10 years with many over 20 and 30 years and millions of miles of safe driving. 

Our customers depend on our expert drivers and our diverse fleet of specialized equipment to support delivery of their oversize freight.  As a turn key specialized transport provider, we will deliver a worry free and safe solution to all our customer’s shipping needs.

Heavy Industry

We haul BIG stuff.  Tanks, vessels, structures all the way to large statues and artwork, we have the expertise. And thru our in-house permitting and route survey crew, you can depend on a safe and an efficient route for even the largest pieces.


As farms grow, so does the equipment to produce it. You can count on Argee’s expert drivers and equipment to deliver even the biggest machines with safety and proper load securement to your local dealership or farm.   


Argee has the capabilities and experience to haul even the biggest machines to move the earth. From 5 to 13 axles with deck or beam inserts for all our lowboy equipment.

Wind Energy

Argee has over 25 years of Wind Energy experience. Midwest based operations puts us in the heart of wind energy generation. Whether it's Schnabel trailers for towers, or steerable trailers for Blades, we have the experience.


Argee Transport is one of the premier Girder Transport specialists in the US. Whether it be steel plate, haunched, swept, bascule, tub or concrete bulb tee you can count on our experienced drivers and steerable equipment to deliver safely.