Who We Are

We are a member of the the Rasmussen Group where are we Treat Everyone Like Family, Do The Right Thing, and where Hard Work’s Worth It.

What We Do 

Transport heavy and specialized products across the United States and Canada while maintaining high safety and service standards.

  • Towers, pressure vessels, heaters, boilers, transformers modular power control buildings, generators, compressors, coolers, rotors, pumps, presses, mills, turbines, nacelles, etc.

Who We Serve

Anyone needing transportation services. Most common Industries served: Oil and gas, natural gas, heavy construction, energy companies, petrochemical refineries, renewable energy, heavy industrial, fabricators and manufacturers, freight forwarders, brokerage partners. 

Where We Operate

Headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa and the storage yard in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. Operate in the lower 48 and Canada. TWIC Approved for Ports and Terminals. Job sites, refineries, manufacturing facilities.

Our Mission

Our mission continues to be in providing the customer with safe and complete service. Circle V Specialized prefers hauling loads or projects others say, “can’t be done.” We have proven many times that having a “can do” attitude, extensive preparation, proper resources and an experienced staff that jobs are completed safely, timely and on budget.