Our Fleet

Belly Dumps

Our belly dumps are one of the most efficient ways to get material into concrete or asphalt plants, sub base for roadway jobs and large job sites. The belly dumps in our fleet are set up to haul between 26 and 31 tons of material.

Side Dumps

Our side dumps are an efficient way to move dirt, broken concrete, broken asphalt and trees or stumps where space allows. Because of the side dumps capacity, they are also utilized for material hauling.                                                                                     

Aluminum Box Trucks

Aluminum box trucks are the go-to trucks for material deliveries to tight job sites. Our aluminum box trucks haul between 17.5 to 21 tons. Customers may see our trucks doing residential and commercial deliveries, hauling to plants, hot mix asphalt, shoulder rock and road wideners.

Slinger Trucks

Our slinger trucks are specialized pieces of equipment that can be used to place sand, river gravel, crushed concrete or limestone products up to 3 inches in diameter right where you need it. Our slinger trucks haul up to 19 tons. 

Steel Box Trucks

Our steel box trucks can haul up to 18 tons. Their versatility allows us to haul a wide range of material including all aggregate, dirt, broken concrete, rip rap, and broken asphalts.

Trucks and Pups

By adding a pup trailer to our straight trucks, we can increase the payload by 8-10 ton.