Rasmussen Group: Teamwork Is Our Business 

The Rasmussen Group's diversified portfolio of companies represents experience in multiple construction disciplines. The organization's ability to serve a client in all aspects of a project lies in the businesses that make up the organization and its commitment to the client. This group of 11 affiliated construction-based companies works together, allowing for efficiencies through cooperation that make each company's bidding and building more competitive.

For over 100 years, the Rasmussen Group has built a powerful legacy within the construction industry. 

Construction Experience That Adds Up

The Rasmussen Group's diversified portfolio of companies represents experience in multiple construction areas. The ability to serve clients in many areas of a construction project is what makes the Rasmussen Group's family of companies such strong competitors. Together, the family of companies has nearly 600 years of construction expertise. 

Expertise by the numbers

With almost 600 years of experience in the construction industry, the companies that make up the Rasmussen Group bring unparalleled service and knowledge to the communities we serve.

Construction Experience | 110+ Years

Concrete Experience | 105+ Years

Asphalt Experience | 50+ Years

Trucking Experience | 135+ Years

Building Material Experience | 95+ Years

Crane Services Experience | 120+ Years

Built On a Strong Foundation: Rasmussen Group's 100+ Years of Growth

The Rasmussen Group's story began in 1912 with the establishment of Jensen Construction Company in Kimballton, Iowa. The headquarters were moved to Des Moines in 1939. This family-owned company's ability to adapt to change is critical to longevity.

By 1988, it was clear the business was expanding. The standard business functions were consolidated to manage all of the divisions and individual companies, resulting in the formation of Rasmussen Group, Inc. This umbrella company's primary goal was to maintain each company's strengths while streamlining costs. 

As later generations of the Jensen and Rasmussen families took ownership and as the companies adapted to the changing technological landscape, the reputation of the Rasmussen Group family of companies was cemented in Iowa and across the country.

Rasmussen Group Timeline

1912 Jensen Construction Company established
1918 Hallett Materials established
1946 Concrete Supply established
1962 Argee Transport established
1972 Grimes Asphalt established
1974 Iowa State Ready Mix & Iowa State Trucking established
1984 Circle V Specialized established
1988 Rasmussen Group was formed
1994 JMT Trucking established
1998 Rev Tech established
2007 Jensen Crane Services established

2023 TransCo Ready Mix established
2024 Ideal Ready Mix established
2024 L & W Quarries established

Be Part of This Legacy

Decades ago, the Rasmussen Group and our family of companies built a strong foundation. We are constantly seeking to expand our workforce and expertise with team members that embrace our values. Contact the Rasmussen Group or any of our affiliated companies today to explore opportunities.