About Us

What We’re All About

Serving Central Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska as the premier ready mix supplier for more than 60 years, Concrete Supply takes pride in delivering the highest quality concrete on time, safely, with the best service. Concrete Supply is conveniently located in Des Moines, Iowa with over twenty plants throughout the Des Moines, Iowa metro area, Ames, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska.

Projects large or small, Concrete Supply is ready to commit our superior equipment and manpower to your job. One yard or 10,000 yards, you can rely on our full service abilities to get the job done safely, on time and to your exact specifications.

Professional Drivers

Our drivers are put through a rigorous training program, and are continually enrolled in continuing education for safety. Safety is at the forefront of all that we do at Concrete Supply. Our extensive fleet of trucks is frequently updated with the latest in technology. Our drivers are proud to provide the client with the highest quality ready mix concrete.

Quality Ready Mix Concrete Mixes

Our sophisticated quality control ensures that the client will receive the highest quality mix design available. We can design and create a custom mix to meet all of your individual ready mix concrete project’s requirements. With an extensive inventory of mix designs, Concrete Supply offers commercial, residential, and industrial high spec mixes to meet all of the requirements of your most challenging project. We can design decorative mix designs including colored and stamped concrete. Using our high quality ready mix concrete will make your project shine.

Customer Service

Concrete Supply believes in providing the highest quality of customer service to our current and prospective clients. Our experienced hands-on team will assist you every step along with way of your project. The organization has the ability to serve a client in all aspects of a job due to the collaborating businesses that comprise The Rasmussen Group. Concrete Supply provides high quality ready mix concrete on our collaborating jobs. Our legacy as the oldest operating ready mix business in Des Moines starting in 1946 has fostered long-standing relationships with our customers, of which we are proud.

Central Dispatch

We have a team of highly trained and qualified dispatchers that work from our central location in Des Moines, Iowa. Based at the crossroads of I-80 and I-35, our conveniently located staff is always one call away from giving our customers the highest possible level of customer service. Our 8 dispatchers have over 60 years of experience, giving us the knowledge and skills to assist all our customers in any situation. To further benefit our customers, we have implemented GPS radio tracking systems in each of our trucks. These systems allow our dispatchers to know exactly where each truck is located and what they are carrying so we can better communicate with our customers. Each of our dispatchers are eager to serve our customers to help them the most outstanding service in the industry.