Employee Recognition

At Concrete Supply, we like to acknowledge our hard-working team members. We strive to award their determination and hard work through awarding their commitment to Concrete Supply. We are very proud of our team members that have been with the company for 5+ years. Below is a list of our team members that received service awards at the most recent employee recognition event.

Five Year Awards                                                                     

  • Leart Krveshi
  • Robert Emanuelson
  • Jordan Mallicoat
  • Aaron Montz
  • David Hughes
  • Nathan Shelburg
  • Timothy Rummerfield

10 Year Awards

  • Michael Abbott
  • Terance Retalic
  • Marlin Thompson
  • Dillion Clarke

15 Year Awards

  • Lyle Tietsort
  • Jasmin Ikeljic
  • Alvin Hale
  • Carl Pearce

20 Year Awards

  • Scott Baker

25 Year Awards

  • Jimmy Viers
  • Wesley Peckham

Thank you very much to all the team members listed above for your continued hard work to make Concrete Supply the successful and safe company it is today. Our success is dependent on long-term team members who know their job is critical and can be done in a successful and safe manner. Concrete Supply prides itself on treating people the way you would want to be treated.