Safety Letter from Tim Mallicoat, CEO

At The Rasmussen Group, safety is our number one value everyday and on every job site. Each morning, safety is addressed company-wide using the SLAM technique – Stop, Look, Analyze, and Manage.

By assessing current safety issues daily, as well as preventative maintenance and discussion, we put safety back into our employees’ hands. SLAM is a powerful tool used by our employees to monitor existing controls to mitigate risk in the workplace, identify previously unrecognized hazards, and implement controls to eliminate future risk.

Safety in all construction operations is not just a corporate goal, it’s a requirement on every single jobsite. All of our employees must complete the safety requirements put in place by the Rasmussen Group, including OSHA 10-hour Training. This program is a part of Click Safety and offers both classroom and online classes.

Thank you to all our employees who engage in our safety initiatives and strive to meet our goal of zero incidents. Due to the commitment of our employees, we have a low Experience Modification Rate (EMR), and you can rest assured that our jobs will be completed safely and on time.

Tim Mallicoat
The Rasmussen Group